osvaldo m:w

can i buy a moto bike?? where??? how??

2010/9/20 (Mon) 11:52

Gary Jeffrey m:w

We are currently producing a children's information book on future transport by air for schools and libraries. We would very much like to use the image: obj13_ProfLow.jpg which we have downloaded from your website. We would credit these images as:

2010/9/9 (Thu) 21:36

platine m:w

i like ur design , im interst about it , i hope to see the detailed drawing of the heli structure...
i think is a good project to charge my money...

2010/8/29 (Sun) 11:09

Ilko.Derez m:w

That helicopter is incredible. It kind of reminds me of the Helicopter in the opening scene of Ghost in the Shell 2... Only way cooler of course! Awesome work!

2010/8/18 (Wed) 11:13

shushpo m:w

Great design ideas, Igarashi!
Render is very good too)
I especially like the helicopter and a bike marked by August/2008.
I hope you will find someone who would like to charge his money into your Helicopter project, because I think this idea really should became real!

Greetings from Russia!

2010/7/8 (Thu) 17:28

Soylentverdes m:w


Greetings from Chile!!

2010/6/10 (Thu) 12:26

mitch m:w

fantastic designs. what program do u use for designing your work?
what are the dimensions for your helicopter. beautiful concept.keep the dreams alive.

2010/5/6 (Thu) 07:53

Rage m:w


2010/3/28 (Sun) 06:08

ted m:w

great work....
i like the race wheelbarrow

2010/3/10 (Wed) 07:21

Martin m:w

hi Ig,

Some very nice design work, its good to see that your designing and working at the same time. Well done and keep it up.

2010/3/5 (Fri) 20:03

merdyandrian m:w

greeeaaaaatttttt,.!!! awesome designs,.
tech me,.!!! tech me,.!!! salute from indonesia

2010/3/4 (Thu) 15:02

Shane m:w

i hope the copter becomes production because i would love to buy one

2010/2/15 (Mon) 06:21

apeboard by