Phillip Kim m:w

These are some really, really cool stuff!!!

2011/6/25 (Sat) 17:49

jairaj shetty m:w

the amazing helicopter design needs an aplause . is anyone planning to introduce this chopper in to the market soon ? secondly is this design for sale ...i am building something similar and real , so thought i could buy off this design ...thanks

2011/6/11 (Sat) 21:28

thx m:w

You got interisting cocepts. I hope I´ll see some of them in future

2011/5/17 (Tue) 18:28

Chris m:w

Stunning work! Enjoyed browsing around on your site.

2011/4/29 (Fri) 21:46

hoyt m:w

Just spectacular i just love your designs. Thanks so much for your inspirational works :-)

2011/4/22 (Fri) 18:13

Vince m:w

The concepts are just marvelous !!

The helicopter is a hell of a design !!! Grrrreat !!

I wish I am so rich I could fund this kind of vehicle !!

Why did you stop creating ?

2011/3/9 (Wed) 08:22

j-me m:w

just amazing, love the one man helicopter. And would love to see that moto in a race

2011/1/18 (Tue) 21:19

hesham morsy egypt m:w

by chris wickman
your work is absolutely spectacular - it makes me dream like a child again. i just wish i could fly that little helicopter some day

me to

2010/12/20 (Mon) 03:43

Shaun m:w (Military cad, open source). (3d printer)
pepakura (search for it.) 3d papercraft model creation.
Igarashi.... you've created some awesome stuff.

2010/12/10 (Fri) 15:49

wizzlepig m:w




2010/12/3 (Fri) 10:09

mprasm m:w

The helicopter design is used on an RC toy.

2010/11/30 (Tue) 13:08

Paul Hunt m:w

the 0ctober 2007 design of an one person helicopter where can i buy the metal replicate 1\12 scale and is it being sold as an rc helicopter i like the design i would rather build it as an rc model or have it in 1\12 large metal model for my office desks give me any links to the SNOC helicopter octobner 2007 design via paul hunt

2010/11/1 (Mon) 19:14

Bob Kaehler m:w

This is very, VERY nice. Finally the artist I would like to draw my design for the modern AutoGiro.

2010/10/24 (Sun) 01:03

Nanang m:w

I would like to see those motorcycle made into production

2010/10/6 (Wed) 15:14

Patrick m:w

I like your helicoptor and have ideas of my own, but don't know how to make them a reality. Your company shows alot of imagination and I enjoyed viewing your website.

2010/9/29 (Wed) 01:41

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